Tips to Reach Your Fitness Goals with a Busy Schedule

Time is probably our number one excuse for just about anything new. Today, we are overwhelmed with activities and demands continually pulling at our attention. It’s tough. Sometimes I review my day and feel tired just looking at it. To be honest, it’s just a feeling. Yes, it may be a full day, but when I go through it one piece at a time, it’s not too much…and, there are plenty of wasted moments.

How do we fit more into our already busy lives? When we feel like our day is a whirlwind of activity, how do we carve out the time to take care of ourselves?

Let’s talk about three ways in which to make this happen in your life.

1. Exercise Early and Create a Ritual

“If it’s important to you, you will find a way, if it’s not, you will find an excuse.”
~ Anonymous

Fitting in exercise can be a challenge. I know for me that if I don’t create a ritual to ensure exercise happens daily, it just doesn’t always happen.

One thing I would do, when pressed for time, is a quick 2 mile run in the morning. It’s a short run that takes 20 minutes or less. Sometimes I would do it at 5 am other days it may have been at 5pm. I know that I will always have exercise built into my day. For me, it’s a must.

For me, exercise is vital to my life. It’s a part of my identity, and I know why it enhances every area of my life. Those who exercise regularly are 50% less likely to end up with Alzheimers or Dementia. My emotional response is better. It develops discipline. My energy is higher. It makes me more creative, productive, learn faster. I can tie a benefit of exercise to every single area of my life.

You do the same. Think about the costs of not following through on your health and fitness goals.

Ask your self the costs of not taking care of yourself right now. What will you lose in the future? How does it affect those you love?

What are the benefits of changing? What will you gain? How will you feel? How will it benefit greatly all the areas that matter to you?

2. Incorporate Movement into Your Day

Many of us think exercise has to look like we are at the gym, some exercise class. It doesn’t. Sure try to go someplace 2-3 times a week.

Most of us think exercise has to look like we are at the gym, some exercise class. It doesn’t. Sure try to go someplace 2-3 times a week. Our bodies need movement to function at it’s best. If we don’t move, our bodies break down.

Find ways to add it into your whole day. Every time you sit down do 20 squats and ten pushups. Or every 30 minutes take a break and do the same thing. Research shows that you are more efficient and productive if you break and move every 30 minutes.

Walk more throughout the day by adding in walk breaks. When you network, invite people out for walks. That way you add several thousand extra steps while actively getting to know someone.

3. Who Do You Want To Be/How Do You Want to Live?

Is continuously busy and stressed how you want to live? Do you want to be the person who doesn’t take care of themselves or a role model for children and family? Take the time and ask these questions. Exercise is vital for all areas of your life. If you want an incredible life, it starts with your mind and body.

If your life is too busy, stop and start designing your life. Take out the things that aren’t the highest priority. Learn to become more efficient instead of busier. Delegate more. Train your children to be more self-reliant and help more. Brainstorm 10 ways you can make this part of your life.

I guarantee you if you take this step your whole life will get better. You will be more productive and can accomplish even more. It’s often not about doing more. It’s about doing less of things that don’t matter.

Make it a ritual. Build movement breaks into your day. Design a life that allows you to make exercise a priority. If you start doing this, your whole world will change.

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